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JAARS makes Bible translation and language development possible, especially in the most remote and difficult places on earth. We do this by enabling locally appropriate and sustainable solutions in transportation, technology, media, and training.

Since 1948, JAARS has been focused on solving critical logistical problems so that Bible translators can work effectively and safely, especially in off-the-grid locations.

Where do we work?

We are a global organization providing logistic solutions for our field translation partners as well as delivering sought-after training and mission support programs at the JAARS Center in Waxhaw, North Carolina.

How do we work?

We work in partnership around the world and the Church here in the United States, but we can accomplish nothing without God's help and the people, prayers, and generosity of our partners here at home.

We are increasingly focused on broad-based regional initiatives-becoming more knowledgeable about assessing needs and designing solutions that are high-impact, locally appropriate, and sustainable.

Finally, we are committed to learning-based approaches that simultaneously speed up our delivery of solutions, reduce financial requirements and/or risks, and ensure effective stewardship of all the resources God puts into our hands.

Core Solutions

• Solution assessment, design, and program management

• Fundraising to support field and core programs and commitments worldwide

• Great Commission engagement and training programs for groups

• Pre-field and furloughed staff care (housing, food service, child care, youth ministry, health services, counseling)

• Purchasing, shipping, and receiving support for mission teams in more than 36 countries

• Internships and short-term mission opportunities

Job Opportunities:

Mission Solutions


JAARS is known for its Aviation program that promotes and achieves safety in training and on the field. Several other organizations send their aviation personnel to be trained by our staff and follow our safety standards.

We fly in multiple countries from Cessna 180's, 206's, Quest Kodiak's, Long Bell Ranger's, Robinson R44 and R66. In the US we also fly Helio Couriers.

Maritime is also known for the safety equipment we research and send to staff overseas who must travel at times in not the best water craft. We also operate boats in the Pacific and shipped boats to Africa. If you are a captain or crew member please talk with us!

Land Transportation involves helping field staff determine the best type of vehicle for their use, be it a four wheel drive and type or motorcycle. We also have a training course and program here on the Center as well as provide training overseas.


The JAARS Center is one of the most diverse and high tech mission centers. We research, test, and do things so our field partners don't have to.

Areas include Infrastructure, Strategy & Architecture, Field Systems Engineering, Project Management, Platform Services, Language Software, Enterprise Software, Web Development, and Mobile Applications

To learn more go to CheckITOut.org


We enable oral cultures to comprehend the gospel via accessible audio and video media. We help provide recording space and equipment, handheld scripture audio players, training for heart language website development, and more. Here are the types of jobs in Media.


Providing training is a key element in ensuring that solutions are effective and sustainable. Training examples are:

• Pilot and Mechanic's to fly and serve in the difficult locations

• National translators on how to care for and extend the useful life of expensive assets like motorbikes, computers, and four wheel drive

• Those traveling on the water we teach how to swim and use the safety equipment

• A pre-field intercultural communications course equips and mentors new and re-assigned staff to be spiritually and emotionally stable to sustain themselves in unfamiliar cultures with a diverse set of colleagues

JAARS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian ministry located on a beautiful 500+ acre campus south of Charlotte, NC.

PO Box 248
Waxhaw, North Carolina

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