11 Tips for Finding Great Candidates at the Christian Job Fair


Most ministries use technology to some degree to find the right job candidates.  For years, the ChristianCareerCenter.com, ChurchJobsOnline.com and the ChristianJobFair.com have helped hundreds of Christian organizations to hire qualified candidates.  However, to maximize the use of ministry-based technology, high touch resources are crucial.

The ChristianJobFair.com has been redesigned to allow ministries to make use of technology tools to interact with a Christian talent pool and pre-qualify potential candidates for the positions you have now or may have in the future. Here are a few tips to help maximize your experience using  the technology of ChristianJobFair.com with high touch solutions:

  1. Make sure that your organization’s page on ChristianJobFair.com is kept up to date with your organization’s current job openings.  In addition to your organization’s career page, updating your ChristianJobFair.com page with current openings will result in more qualified candidates finding your opening when searching the ChristianJobFair.com.  If your organization does not have a page, here you can choose one of three posting options.
  2. Set up PureChat.com, or another chat option, to be able to chat with those visiting your employment page.  Before engaging a visitor in a chat session, Pure Chat allows you to have qualifying questions.  Also, when your staff is not available a visitor can use the chat form to send an email to your staff.  The staff at the ChristianCareerCenter.com will take care of setting this up for your organization.
  3. Set up Calendly.com for allowing those visiting your page to schedule short interview calls.  This scheduling tool allows you to customize questions that a candidate needs to answer before scheduling a short interview.  Questions can include confirming US citizenship and openness to jobs that require raising support.  Both PureChat and Calendly offer free options and our staff will help you to get set up.
  4. For those candidates that you screen and schedule a first interview, Skype or Google Hangout provide easy and free options for video interviewing.
  5. Schedule specific days and times for interacting with candidates on your ChristianJobFair.com listing with the use of embedded chat or video chat.
  6. Consider giveaways that entice job seekers to interact with you during scheduled online job fairs.
  7. Advertise your online job fairs through the use of your ministry’s email subscription list.
  8. Become a featured ministry which provides adverting your online job fairs to our 30,000 subscribers.
  9. Prepare questions to use in chat sessions and/or brief video interviews.  Use these questions to pre-qualify candidates.  Questions could include: “Can you tell me about yourself?” and “How would your strengths and experiences qualify you for this position?”
  10.  If your ministry has support-based salaries for some or all positions, help candidates to fully understand that while it can be scary, you can be successful in raising support for jobs to which God may be calling you.  Consider adding links to great support raising resources such as The Missionary Support Raising Roadmap, An Introvert’s Guide to Support Raising, and 10 Reasons Not to Fear Support Raising.
  11.  Always follow up with inquires ASAP.  Develop email templates that make it easy to let the candidate understand where they stand.  For those who you screen in, you can let them know what the next steps in the hiring process would be.

Should you have any questions about how the ChristianJobFair.com and/or the ChristianCareerCenter.com can help your organization find the next great candidate(s), you can use the Contact Us Form or call us at 951-299-8035.  We look forward to serving you and your ministry!