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"Providing a safe home for youth who have experienced physical or emotional trauma, where every act is done with love to help them discover the dignity of the human person and learn the skills to manage life’s challenges."

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Employee Selection and Orientation

Home On The Range will conduct its employee selection policies and procedures to achieve the best possible match between applicants for jobs and open positions. In no way will any Home On The Range employee or administrator exert personal or professional prejudice against any applicant because of an applicant’s sex, color, race, religion, age, veteran status, marital status, creed, physical or mental disability or national origin.

Once an applicant is selected for the available position, Home On The Range will provide an orientation program for each new employee. The employee will be required to complete an orientation form which, when completed, will have served its purpose in informing the employee of the different departments at Home On The Range, their function and how the employee fits into the overall program here; educating the new employee on the different program areas; and, advising new staff of the requirements that are expected of all employees.

Training will be provided to all new staff through the Home On The Range in-service training model. Orientation training will include:

  1. Establishment of a staff/resident relationship.
  2. Applicable confidentiality policies and professional ethics
  3. Outline of specific programs.