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Since Anthem began in 2008, the mission & vision have always been clear and everything we do is strategically aligned. We will do things most churches won’t to reach the people most churches won’t. Download a PDF overview of who we are as a church.


Anthem Church was planted as a North Point Strategic Partner, with clear alignment in strategy with North Point Community Church in Atlanta Georgia. Most weekends, Andy Stanley Communicates via live video and through our unique connection with North Point we have coaching from some of the best ministry leaders in the world. While we leverage the clear model and strategy of North Point, we are a full autonomous church and see the model as the starting place for innovation. More about North Point Partners.


Anthem has a unique staff culture. We believe there’s nothing better than serving God with people you love. We work hard and we laugh loud and often. We love personality tests like Myers Briggs and the enneagram. You’ll often find us hanging after work, celebrating a staff anniversary or making a big deal about it when someone wins. We live out staff values, not as something to aspire to that looks good on a wall, but actual values to be lived each and every day. We guard our culture and remind ourselves of who we are and want to be at every staff meeting.

Openhandedness: How are you choosing to hold tightly to God and loosely to everything else?
Replace Yourself: Who are you apprenticing/mentoring?
Make it Fun: How are you making Anthem an enjoyable place to work?
Collaborate: How are you leveraging the talent and skills of staff outside your area?
Celebrating Others: What are you doing to appreciate others and be generous towards them?
The 2%: What are you doing to pursue excellence in your area?
Rhythm & Balance: How are you managing your time and taking care of yourself physically, spiritually, relationally, financially and emotionally?


Gainesville was listed as one of the top 100 places to live in the United States by Livability in both 2018 & 2019. Check out all they have to say about Gainesville here. With 2 of the highest attended and well-regarded academic institutions in the country, University of Florida and Santa Fe College, Gainesville has a high college student population which keeps the town young and the energy high. That keeps the shopping, dinning and entertainment around the city current and innovative. Gainesville is experiencing a boom of new residential and commercial construction that doesn’t appear to be letting up any time soon. It’s also been featured on lists as 1 of the top 100 Craft Beer Cities in the U.S. because of its multiple local breweries and also made the top 10 best College Towns in America.

If the college-vibe isn’t your scene, Gainesville’s central Florida location and incredible school systems have made it home to young families with more moving in by the day. Gainesville is 1.5 hrs from Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, both coasts and Orlando. So you can do day trips to the beach, Universal, Disney and more.


We value hiring the right people and compensating them well. Because of that, we staff on the lower side of staffing ratios so that we can offer competitive salaries and benefits.

  • Competitive salaries based on national industry metrics

  • Full benefits package including health, dental, life & vision insurance

  • Matching retirement contributions

  • We love Apple, and you’ll have the technology tools you need to get the work done

  • Generous vacation and leave policies

  • FREE DAY every month to get better and to dream

  • Resources for continuing education and conferences to get better

  • Monthly books for the staff book club