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Guided by Christian principles and values, Norwegian Mission Alliance Philippines (NMAP) serves by walking and partnering with children, persons with disabilities (PWDs) and other vulnerable people in poor communities so they may experience God’s love.

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Mission Alliance Norway (MA)

We started our work in Asia in the early 1970s, in Taiwan. Later in 1973 when a ceasefire between North and South Vietnam forces took place, MA started its work in South Vietnam. This time the country badly needed foreign aid to rebuild the country after years of war.

However, MA’s work in Vietnam was cut short because the North Vietnamese forces ran over South Vietnam and expelled all foreign missionaries.

Upon the recommendation of an American Inter-Varsity missionary in Vietnam, MA missionaries decided to go to the Philippines to explore the possibilities of starting a project in the country. On March 4, 1976, Norwegian Mission Alliance or NORMA, started and established its work in Manila.