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JAARS makes Bible translation possible, especially in the most remote and difficult places on earth. We do that by enabling locally appropriate and sustainable solutions in transportation, technology, media, and training.

Come be part of a diversely skilled team. Check us out!

JAARS has a wide variety of opportunities in multiple departments. Serve in Aviation, Technology, Media, Physical Facilities, Communications, Shipping, Public Relations and many more. We need everyday, hands-on skills, as well as technical, logistical, and professional skills.

We also have a special opportunity for college graduates to participate for 11 months in a Fellows program where you will gain on-the-job experience, as well as a world mission perspective, training in intercultural communications, besides mentoring and fun activities.

JAARS is a mission organization, so staff become missionaries who raise their own support (salary) or one can volunteer with us. We have over 550 serving here with 250 volunteering! Occasionally we have a few paid positions. Staff must be US Citizens or possess a “green card” that is a permit to work in the US to apply and serve.

“We love being able to use the skills and experience God has built into us as part of the JAARS team to make Bible translation happen. We are touching the world from Waxhaw! Amazing!”  – Rebecca Navertil

8 reviews

  1. Make an eternal impact!

    Great place to work! I’ve been here 12 years as a volunteer, and I love the friendly atmosphere. I find my work as an admin assistant fulfilling because I love being part of something bigger than me. Working on a team to help get the Bible to unreached people groups around the world is an amazing experience that will eventually have an eternal impact.

  2. Unique, stimulating place to work and serve

    JAARS has been an interesting and stimulating place to work. I have been with JAARS for just over three years and this has, by far, been my best working experience. Those that serve with JAARS come from all over the world, with a variety of skills and backgrounds. JAARS lends itself to an atmosphere of thinking outside of the box and innovation.

  3. A great place with shared vision

    JAARS is a warm, community environment. Every role is treated as a strategic part the organization’s overall mission to support Bible translation. The staff at JAARS share a passion for that mission and that lends itself an over all strong sense of purpose. I feel like a valued team member. Many look for ways to even contribute outside their particular wheelhouse when possible.
    There are plenty of opportunities to grow professionally, though it is not a ladder climbing kind of organization. You are just as likely to move laterally within the organization as you are to move vertically. Over all a great place to work and serve a larger cause.

  4. I have just celebrated five years serving at JAARS (with church/community relations). It is a wonderful, godly environment to serve and an awesome place to make a significant difference for the Kingdom of God..

  5. Streets of Gold

    When I first came to JAARS with my husband as full time volunteers, I felt unworthy to even walk the streets at the JAARS Campus in Waxhaw. You see, many returning missionaries work on Center or live nearby. They had spent years in remote places taking God’s precious Word to people waiting to hear it in the language they understand best. But they made me feel welcome, appreciated! And we have both been able to directly apply skills from our “former life” to our work on Center.

  6. Making Bible Translation Possible

    Fulfilling and encouraging are what I feel while serving in partner relations with JAARS for the last ten years. Being able to be part of the broader Bible translation movement is both humbling and exciting. People around the globe are coming to the Lord through having God’s Word in the language they understand best. It is a privilege to be able to meet partners in Bible translation–they are so encouraging. This is an exceptional organization to be part of. We pray you would join us in what God is doing here at JAARS!

  7. Christ provides fulfilling ministry with JAARS for person with TBI.

    I had a Traumatic Brain Injury in the early 90’s. Due to, primarily, social and emotional deficits the Neurologists concluded I could not hold a job. JAARS took a chance and 8 years ago brought me as a volunteer in a Partner Relations position. I have and continue to have a fulfilling ministry with JAARS, helping to make Bible translation possible to those who have little to no scriptures in a language they clearly understand.

  8. Excellent place to work, and have an impact for Eternity.

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