Lake Worth Christian School

The mission of Lake Worth Christian School is to serve the Christian community by providing quality education based on a Biblical perspective and to nurture students to grow in knowledge, conviction, and maturity in the faith, living as servants within the community and reconciling all relationships to Jesus Christ.

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In 1959, the founders of Lake Worth Christian believed it was important to teach children that every area of life belongs to the Lord.  We are thankful for a rich history of people who take ownership in Lake Worth Christian School.

The programs at Lake Worth Christian School seek to fulfill the mission of equipping students with knowledge and wisdom for a life in service in God’s kingdom.  Our program integrates faith and academics from Pre-K to grade 12.

Lake Worth Christian School has graduated over 1,400 students at the elementary or secondary school level.  In the last number of years, 98% of our graduates from secondary school have continued their studies at a university or college.  Our Graduates have pursued various professional careers and many serve as volunteers in their communities.