Faith Christian School

Faith Christian School (FCS) is a private, Christian school that has been offering educational programs for children from Pre-K 3 through the 8th grade for more than 40 years in the Hamilton area.

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School Facts

Grades: PK3-8th grade

Curriculum: Primarily ABeka materials in the younger grades, a variety of different publishers are used in the Middle School classes.

Salary: Competitive salary with potential bonuses each year and increases with years of experience.


Housing: Faith Christian School owns several houses – many within walking distance – which are rented to teachers at a significant discount, if desired.

Health Insurance: We currently offer a high-deductible insurance plan. Once the deductible is met by the employee, the school covers the rest of the cost until the max out of pocket expense has been met.

Dental / Glasses Benefit: Teachers receive a benefit up to $1000/year that covers both dental and eye glasses (eye glasses or contacts every other year).

Continuing Education: One can receive up to $1,000 towards tuition for continuing education beyond the basic bachelor’s degree following the third year of employment.

Life Insurance: A life insurance policy is provided which is equal to your year’s salary plus a second policy in the amount of $50,000.

Disability Insurance: A long-term disability program is provided which is separate from any Social Security program.

Retirement: A retirement benefit begins after the third year of employment.

If you are interested in finding more about the employment possibilities at Faith Christian School, please contact us by phone at 609-585-3353 or by email at [email protected]