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Although God is fully capable of accomplishing His purposes without any help, He has chosen to use us humans as His instruments of action and change. From the call of Abraham forward, God has worked through people to be a blessing to the nations – especially to children.

In order to see God’s vision to fruition, Every Generation Ministries is in a stage of growth. New team members are being called to provide the support needed for ministry expansion into 38 new countries throughout the world where over 75% of the world’s children live. Children’s workers living in these countries are in desperate need of culturally relevant ministry resources in order to serve the children in their communities.

Every Generation Ministries is seeking people that are willing to be used as instruments of God to empower His Church, help children know Jesus Christ and experience the life He has for them. While different people have different areas of interest in ministry work, as a whole, the ministry is committed to developing a global Church that embraces and fulfills with excellence its call to lead children into life-transformation through Jesus Christ.

Each EGM team member plays an important role in bringing forgiveness, peace, hope and an eternal purpose to children around the world. And each team member is part of a revolutionary movement seeking to change the world through children.